juin 28 2018

Offre à Bali : Coach Personnel / le Travail de tes rêves

I took the decision to finish my Personal Trainer job on the 31st November 2018.

This is your chance to get a dream life in Bali as a Personal Trainer !

After 5 years as a Personal Trainer in Bali, I am looking now for new Challenge. If you are curious and want to know what my next plan is, I will go farming in Norway for 6 month-1 year and will see if I am made for this kind of lifestyle (I don’t have too much doubt about it). I will also keep an online services for coach who want to know how to start and to be the best in their area. I will keep coaching online some clients and I will offer business expertise for others fields different than personal training.

Julien Salet Personal Trainer**Check one day of my personal Personal Trainer Life and see if it would match with your dream !**

******* You can see the longer version (13min) at this link : https://youtu.be/GnUqXsw7IwU*******

I plan to sell my Empire for a lucky Coach who wish to be based in Bali, the Island of Gods and enjoy a comfortable life.

Right to the point now

What will you get from me ?

  • 2 websites :



These 2 websites are a constant monthly source of new clients. I took care of giving and maintaining quality content.

Google analytics is available for you.

  • Facebook page :

Personal Trainer Bali

Julien Personal Trainer Bali

These 2 facebook Page are a supplementary way to get clients from.

  • Instagram page :

Personal trainer Bali

A social media who allow me to share my adventure as a coach and which direct to the others platforms


  • Fitness equipment :

Trx, Elastic band, stability balls, parachute, kettlebells, plyo box,….


  • Clients Database and contact

Mailchimp database, Whats app contact


  • Introduction with my actual clients, partners, gyms, suppliers

During one month you will follow me. I will introduce you to the community and you will watch how I process.

  • Promotional flyers, Book Services, Accounting, Business Plan, Business strategy, Targeted clients, Mail answering template.

You will be able to use all the flyers and content already done with your own brand or following my design chart. I will brief you on the market and how to deal with clients ( expats, clients,…)

80% of my activity is general fitness, 10% rehabilitation, 10% contacts sport (muay thai, self defense, etc)

80% of my clients are expat (entrepreneur for most of them) and 20% tourists on holiday or for business prospecting.


Requirements :

  • complete this online form :


  • Cash $ € :

Option 1 :

 July to August 2018 : 10 000 Eur (11 600 Usd/15 600 Aud), first deposit 50% when you come here in Bali, second deposit when you finish the month with me.

September to October 2018 : 12 000 Eur (13 900 Usd/18 700 Aud), first deposit 50% when you come here in Bali, second deposit when you finish the month with me.

November 2018 : 14 000 Eur (16 300 Usd, 21 800 Aud), Full payment, and 2 weeks follows

Option 2 :

Option 1 + In case you want me to Register the company at your name in Bali, I will set it up for you, it cost 5 000 Eur and take one to three month of process. I will have maybe an optional shortcut but I need to figure out first.

  • experienced with personal training and marketing, quick learner, serious and on time, respect commitment


  • skills in functional training, fitness conditioning, rehabilitation, boxing, muay thai, jiujitsu, mma, nutrition, surfing, any qualification is a +


  • skills for driving a motorbike efficiently, to be able to find alternative and rescue plan quickly, to adapt quickly to the situation whatever happen


  • Available for a one hour skype meeting


  • Speaking English correctly and knowing the specific vocabulary with the Personal Trainer job (speaking indonesian is a +, willing to learn Indonesian too)


  • First aid


  • If you are married with an Indonesian citizen, you will be able to get the freelance status easily.



The video you have in link is one of my personal Personal Trainer day in Bali. I have sometimes until 8 hours of work a day with some group of 5 to 10 people, couple or individuals.

Living in Bali is the dream for many people. For sure it’s fun and you can do anything, but still you need to put on hard work and dedication. I wish you to be the one who can handle the relay. Else, I will give up my business and will keep it in the deepest of my .