25 Fitness and combat sport training Gym in Bali during Covid Time august 2021

5 Aug, 2021

Where can you train in Bali for fitness, mma, boxe thai, bjj during the pandemic august 2021?


I see,  you are planning to train in Bali during this trouble time. I know you are confuse and It s not gonna be easy as the regulations change quiet often. So don’t be surprise if when going to a gym in Bali, it is close or you need to book before. The system which regulate this in Indonesia is called PPKM (Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat) I will explain later what it means and how it is setup. We have to face a lot of restrictions regarding : occupation, opening time, hygiene protocol, …

If you want to stay in shape or achieve some new goals, your dedication and adaptation will be required ! If you don’t want to take risks to get covid or to face a closed gym, you can still book me HERE, I have some specials package for the month of August.



PPKM is the acronym of Pemberlakuan Pembatasan Kegiatan Masyarakat which means : Enforcement of Restrictions on Community Activities

It works by level. Until now we see mainly two levels : the 3 and the 4. I don t know what is 1 and 2, I didn t find any info on it. And it seems that we gonna jump from 3 to 4 during this Covid period. The goal of the PPKM is to reduce the growing number of Covid-19 cases. So we go from level 3 to level 4.

What factors make us go from level 3 to 4 ?
It s depending number of :
-cases of coronavirus hospitalization
– deaths by covid
– active cases of covid
from Tempo website

I am not goin go deeper on the PPKM subject but you got the foundation !

Where can you find information updated regarding covid for Bali :

Join the Facebook group Bali covid-19 update. It s a Facebook group who is managed by Jackie Pomeroy. She do an excellent work  in order to inform people regarding COVID in Bali wirh the last regulations and informations (numbers,travel, vaccination,…).


Where can I find the key reference documents regarding Covid in Indonesia ?


Gyms was, already before covid, in tough competition between them as they are so many now in Bali.
Some have closed, some ares still open but they have to play with PPKM rules. Generally they get info from the Banjar (local authority) on what is allowed.
I will give you here the informations I was able to get and to know for fitness gym and for combats sport gym. This list is non-exhaustive.

Fitness Bali Gyms :


1 CrossFit wanderlust : open as usual
crossfit wanderlust instagram

2 Nirvana strength : open on registration, limited place.
Nirvana strength instagramNirvana strength instagram 2

3 Canggu studio : open as usual
Canggu studio Instagram

4 S2S : open as usual
S2S Instagram

5 Bodyfactory : open with limited time by people
bodyfactory InstagramBodyfactory Instagram 2

6 Bull gym bali : open as usual
bull gym bali instagram

7 Fortitude : open as usual
Fortitude Bali instagram

Seminyak area:

8 Soham wellness center : open as usual
Soham Wellness Instagram

9 The bar : open as usual
The Bar Instagram

Kerobokan :

10 Louis and friends : open as usual
11 De gym : open as usual
De gym instagramDe gym instagram 2

12 Wefitness : Check with them directly as it vary depending regulation
We fitness Instagram

13 15Fit : open as usual
15 fit instagram

Sanur area :

14 Paradise Bali : open as usual
The paradise Bali Instagram

Ubud area :

15 Academy fitness Bali : open as usual.
Instagram show regular foto and promote new class. So I think they are On.

Academy fitness Instagram

Fitness and Combat sport

Jimbaran area :

16 Bali fitness village : Open as usual
Bali fitness village Instagram

Seminyak area :

17 Daily gym : open as usual
Daily Gym Bali Instagram

Ubud area :

18 Titi batu : open as usual
Titi Batu Instagram

Combats sport Gym: Muay Thai, Mma, Boxing, bjj

Canggu area :

19 Bali mma (Muay Thai, Boxing, bjj, MMA): open as usual
Bali MMA instagram

20 Synergy MMA (Bjj): Open as usual
Synergy MMA Instagram

21 Ritual (Bjj): as they are inside Nirvana strength I suppose they are running as usual also
Rituals bjj bali instagram

Kerobokan area:

22 Dee Muay Thai (Muay Thai): open as usual
Dee muay thai bali instagram

23 Angel mma (Boxing, Muay Thai): open as usual
Angel mma boxing bali instagram

24 Zealot (Muay Thai): open as usual
Zealot Muay thai InstagramZealot Muay thai Instagram 2

Sanur Area

25 6 blades bali (Bjj): open as usual
Six blades bali Instagram

I tried to repertory most of Gym I know from memory. Sorry if I forgot some. I can still update this blog with your info and I will try to update it as much as I can during the pandemic. I will make a point each begin of month.

If you still don t find confortable to go to the gym. You can book a personal trainer to come to your place. And you re lucky, I just prepared some new package specially for you Here



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