Bali Green Run 2015

11 Jun, 2015


Organized by PT Astra International Tbk on Sunday May 31st, the Bali Green Run was a tremendous success with 500 runners from 12 different countries competing. The concept was to combine sport and culture. The runners had the choice to run 6 kilometers or 13 kilometers cross country and enjoy the flourishing island of Bali. Along the route runners experienced Indonesian culture with traditional Balinese dance whilst enjoying the beautiful landscape surroundings as they ran through the Elephant Safari Park. The organisers wanted to ensure that the run was ecologically sound and left minimum impact by pledging to plant a tree for each runner who participated in the event. Planting of the trees would take place in the surrounding forest area around the village.

The participants were able to share their passion for running with other like-minded individuals and enjoy the beautiful natural forest of Bali.

The event was well organized with plenty of water stations along the route to ensure runners were well hydrated during the race, and food and drinks were available at the end of the race to ensure that all participants recovered well after the race. However, I did notice a difference in the levels on the route map compared to the map provided in the booklet. The one shown on the booklet had a pretty flat curve compared to the curve recorded by Nike + on my iPhone.

– Reebok Shoes Trail black and grey (Galleria Mall)
– Compression pant Badboy (US)
– Compression T-shirt type Rashguard (US)
– Running Belt for iPhone (France)
– Iphone


I felt comfortable running in my new shoes, they provided a good grip when running on the trail and assisted my performance on the descent. This allowed me to run with confidence and complete the run with no injuries. My clothing was comfortable and I experienced no irritation.

Travelling to the event I used the GPS on my iPhone, which worked really well. Unfortunately this drained the battery and my iPhone shutdown as I approached the 10km mark. In hindsight I would suggest that you charge your iPhone with a battery loader whilst travelling to the event when using the GPS to avoid running out of battery.

The event was well organized and participants arranged to pick up their race package in Denpasar the day before the event and they were provided with a tracker, t-shirt and a booklet.
If you were making your own way to the event by bike or car, then there was no signage directing you to the start of the race, however if you used the transport provided by the organizers it was much easier.

The runners were led through a warm up, and then the 6km runners lined up to start the race which was followed by the 13 km runners.

Drink stations were set up every 2 kms along the route, with the option of Pocari-sweat or water being provided and this was managed very well.

Along the way was there were a lot of hills, but the kids and people from the local village were encouraging and motivated the runners asking for high-fives as they passed by. We had 2 or 3 very pretty Balinese dance shows performed by young Balinese girls along the race route.

The spirit between competitors was pleasant, and everybody was supporting each other.

I had to join a line to get my medal after the race, and we were also given a banana, pocari-sweat bottle and a bottle of aqua.

There were a lot of sponsor tents set up after the race selling food and drink and also an area set up which provided runners with a free 20 minute foot massage.

I finished 23rd out of 300 race competitors, with a time of 1:18:46. The first place was a Kenyan guy who accomplished the race in 52:37.2 min.



Food :
Try to load your body with some carbohydrates the evening before the race (Pasta, Pizza…) in reasonable quantity.
When you wake up, drink water with lemon at room temperature.

Have a light breakfast with some carbohydrates and black tea with honey and a pinched of salt (this helps to maintain good hydration of the body).

Take a cereal bar (homemade better) for the before run and keep drinking water.

Toilets :
Go to the toilet just before the race!

Warm-up :
Do some half squat, kick butt, jumping jacks, bounce jump, plyo-squat – and light run, Try to do it until you start to sweat.

Run advices :
Position :
If you plan to have a good time, try to be on the front line for the beginning of the race. Keep moving in anticipation of the start.

  • Start of the race: Accelerate at the beginning to create space from other runners, remain focused and aim to coordinate your breathing with the movement of your legs and arms, relax your shoulders and try to keep your chin up so that you breathe easily.
  • Ascending: drive your arms, with your chest facing down, take small steps and focus on your breath when you get to the top of the rise.
  • Descent: arms relaxed, chest back, allowing the legs to do most of the work, focus on looking out for tree roots or other obstacles on your path and exhale strongly.
  • The rest of the race: Fartleck style, try to manage a pace that you can maintain as long as possible. It is better to start the first half not too fast and to push harder for the second half.
  • Last km: give everything that you have for the final spurt, when you pass the finish line, the job will be done.
  • Thank you for following and I hope you enjoyed reading my post. Let me know if you have any comments or questions?


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