4 applications Iphone en revue pour obtenir votre objectif forme

19 Fév, 2016

4 application Iphone en revue pour vous aider à obtenir votre objectif forme



Si j’ai bien compris, vous voulez vous entrainer par vous même en salle ou en plein air ?

Super ! Mais comment vous allez vous organiser pour établir vos entrainements ?

“Si tu ne t’organise pas pour te mener au succès, tu t’organise pour te mener à l’échec”

  • Le Premier et le meilleur choix est de me contacter. Après une évaluation, je te donnerais un programme à suivre en accord avec tes disponibilités et ton style de vie pour réaliser des objectifs faisable.CONTACTE-MOI
  • Deuxièmement, tu peux faire ton évaluation physique et esthétique par toi même et te déterminer un programme qu’il te faudra suivre pour obtenir des objectifs que tu te seras fixé. Tu en trouveras sur Internet ou dans des livres selon le style d’entrainement que tu voudrais aborder (musculation, poids de corps, avec ou sans équipement,…)
  • Troisièmement, tu peux utiliser des application qui te permettront de suivre tes progrès et qui pourront t’offrir un programme d’entrainement progressif pour t’améliorer.

  Je vais donc te donner mon point de vue sur la troisième option, les applications pour iphone. Let’s go !

Une app pour être efficace, doit être facile d’utilisation, intuitive, rapide et précise. Dans le but de délivrer à l’utilisateur, le meilleur expérience possible. Recevoir le meilleur suivi et statistique des tâches accomplies.

Je vais vous présenter quelques applications que j’utilise ou que j’ai essayé et je vous donnerais mon ressenti à leur propos.

Entrainement Calisthenic (Poids de corps) »MADBARZ »



Gratuit La meilleure selon moi. Tu créés un compte ou tu te connecte avec ton compte facebook et c’est bon tu es dedans ! C’est le royaume du “Street Workout” – “Calisthenic Training” – “Prison Workout”, it’s an app that you can use everywhere. With (but not so many) or without equipment.

First you complete your profile :

Your fitness level : Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced.

You choose your goal : Burn-fat, Athletic and toned body or Ripped and muscular body

How much fat do you have : A lot, I have some fat, I am average, I don’t have any

And now ? You START !

Press START WOKOUT and be ready to sweat and bleed.

You have a Database of workout, where you can choose what you want, in function of your actual mood. Actually I work on my legs and I have my weekly routine which is the “CAN’T WALK”

You choose it and you “TAKE” ! If you’re not a premium member, you need the 3g or wifi for loading exercise.

You will have after a setting panel which give you exercise with number of repetition for each. Adapt it on your level, and don’t forget to see how many Cycles you will have to do ! Start gentle or you will not finish it.

After this you set your recovery time between exercise and between cycle. It’s good after few weeks, if you don’t want to increase the number of repetition, to decrease the rest time. The default setting are perfect for beginner : 30 sec between exercises and 90 sec between cycles.

Click “OK” and Press “START

You have on top the count of time you spend on the total workout, the Name of the exercise, a picture of the exercise you have to do, and the number of repetition. When you complete the exercise, you press “Done” and you will have your rest time.


During this rest time, you can change the number of reps you made for the exercise, if you made less or more. You have a view of the next exercise to do with the number of reps and a picture.

And you have a countdown of your rest time with the number of your actual cycle.

You have three option during rest time: “Skip” If you don’t want rest and go directly to the next exercise, “Pause” if you want go to toilet, and “Quit” If you are a loser ( I am joking).




When you are at the end of the Workout, the app congrats you, you have a view of your stats and possibility to share your activity on Facebook.

IMG_1425 IMG_1426 IMG_1427 IMG_1428

Conclusion :


Simple of use

Mutli-user (I think, you can disconnect and connect with an other account)

Track your performance

Not many equipment required

Fun with their fitness quote for motivate you


Bodybuilding « IpseSport »

« IpseSport »

ipseYearly Membership 4,99 euros. It’s for me the best app actually for realistic bodybuilding program. Unfortunately this app has a lot of small issues which make it annoying often, that’s the main problem. I was talking with the creator of the app and he promise an update, but I don’t see anything coming. I am still using it because it stay useful, but it’s not the perfection (but it could).

After completing your profile, you will need to do some test for allowing the app to build you a progam depending of the number of the week that you plan to achieve your program. (clear ?)

This app allow you to evaluate your 1 Rm (Maximum for one repetition) by yourself, it does the calculation. You have a number of repetition to do for an exercise with a weight defined, After you done it, it will tell you if you have to do an other set, or if the one RM is know.

When you finished the entire one Rm for each basic pattern, it will be able to give you exercise to do in accordance with your fitness goal.

IpseSport (3)


You will have the choice after, following your mood, to select what kind of workout you want to do ( Full body, Front Body, Back Body, Top Body, Low Body).

When you select a workout, you will have the chronology with the weight, the number of reps and cycle. You have the date of the last time you did this workout.

IpseSport (1)

When you press “Start” It’s not possible to come back anymore and you will have to follow all the exercises one after one, so if you mistake with a button, it’s too late…. When you have an activity without reps but time, you need to press play and sometimes you have a countdown before it starts, sometimes no…… Sometimes you have arrow that can allow you to have an alternative exercise if the machine you want train is taken. But it’s very rare and most of time you miss the arrow.


During the exercise on screen you will have :

  • The previous exercise (with picture)
  • The actual exercise (with picture, number of reps (each side or not), weight or Time for the exercice with a countdown (and sometime a countdown before the main countdown)
  • The next exercise (with picture)

You never now after the exercise what will be the rest time (sometimes 30”, sometimes 1’30”, sometimes no rest) it’s a total surprise.


IpseSport (4)

During the recovery time, you will have :

  • The previous exercise (not the one you just made) / useless because you can not come back if you mistaken pressing “next”
  • The rest time
  • The next exercise with a picture only (no any info regarding the weight you will have to use or the number of repetition! ) / Amazing, you don’t have time to prepare your next step during your recovery time….
  • One button stop, which stop the recovery time for starting to the next exercise, One big button Go (if you pause, you run the timer again) and one button pause. (Not well designed, so more chance to do mistake and to swap the rest time)

IpseSport (2)

At the End of the program, you will have congratulation and your training session will be recorded.

In the Stats program, you will have an update regarding your evolution between your test of maximal.


You have a big database of different exercise that you can do and that you can assess. But unfortunately there is no category so everything is packed together.

You don’t have the possibility to share your result or your training on facebook.


Conclusion :


No possible to estimate correctly the total workout time

Sometimes the workout is too long (more than 1:30)

No possible to custom the workout (weight, exercise, circuit or other kind of system)

No possible to custom the program with appropriate schedule


Simple of use

Track your performance

Follow a coherent program

Trx Equipment Training « TRX FORCE »



is a good one, if you want to have a gym with you everywhere you go. Buy a Trx.

This app will show you all the different way to use your trx and will give you program to follow for by example increasing your number of Pull-up. Unfortunately, you have to buy in the in-app store the program that interest you. To unlock all the content you will have to spend 40 euros (44 USD) If you want just one program (like the Pull-up program by example) it will cost you 15 euros (17 USD).

You don’t have any assessment, but you have different level of difficulty: Level 1 to level 3 (some exercise have 4 or 5 level) So the program will adapt exercise regarding the level that you evaluate is yourself.

IMG_1437 IMG_1438

The app contain movie pre-loaded on your phone, so you don’t need 3G or wifi to see the exercise and you have a voice who explain you exactly and perfectly what you have to do. (for the price it’s not too much)

IMG_1436 IMG_1439


Conclusion :


No assessment

   Need a trx

  Complete program with progression

Not many equipment required

Videos with comments

  Ergonomic and easy to use

  Beginner to advanced


Multi-style Fitness Training « ALL-IN-FITNESS »



1200 Exercises, workouts, Calorie Counter, BMI-calculator & Social Network. It seems to be the best fitness app of the market.

It will cost you $2.99.

You can do everything with it, counting your calories, recording your body data (Shape, Health, photos), you have a listing of exercises by body part, by muscles or by equipment (or without), and you have some Ready workouts (by goal or level or gender) or you can create your own workout with the database. You will be able too to add some activities in order too really track your activity.


You have a really well-done calendar where you can add the workout of your choose (pre-custom or home-made)


It’s very complete and simple of use. At the end it tell you how many calories you spent and allow you to share workout photos.

You can track too your calorie intake with the calorie counter and record everything you put in your mouth, it has a big database of pre-registered food with all the data regarding the food composition (protein, carbs, fat, vitamins,….).


You can compare after if your daily activity is equal, less or more in calories than your food intake.

You have some basic great tools incorporate like a body fat calculator (not accurate), Heart rate calculator (not accurate) and Reps Max calculator (interesting if you want to build a training program).



Conclusion :

No fitness assessment

  Complete program with progression


  Ergonomic and easy to use

  Beginner to advanced


As you can see, everything has a cost. If your priority is your health, invest your money (in a smart way) in what can give you a long-term result. Don’t forget that it take time to reach the peak of the mountain, there is no elevator, only stairs which can bring you to this point. Track your result and see if you made a step forward, backward, or no step at all.

Let me know in comment below what is your preferred app for fitness and I will try it too.


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