6 May, 2015

Explanation and clarification regarding MAYWEATHER Vs PACQUIAO (and for all futures fights to come)

 Opinion’s Expert is that nobody cares
With the ease of social media providing a voice for everybody and anyone else who will listen – it not only brings out the armchair experts on any given topic it also allows people who aren’t journalists or experts on any one topic to become ‘experts’. It is of course no surprise that the number of vocal boxing ‘experts’ has grown significantly since the big fight.   These ‘experts’ are people who have never set foot in a boxing ring, let alone with an opponent, allowing the free speech law to apply.
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Expertise groundless (non-objective) VS Facts and Sport’s Rules (Boxing) :
The fundamental flaw that these armchair critics have, is their lack of technical knowledge on how a fight is scored.  The uninitiated, spectators, fighters and coaches alike can protest a decision, however they are completely unattached.  There is a panel of three judges who are appointed to recognize and use a formula scoring sheet on how to win a fight that isn’t determined by either of the following:

Referee Stop, Medical Stop, KO, a fighter throwing in the towel, or a split decision (I might have forgotten a couple). The Manny Pacquiao fight was a unanimous decision. It was a match sheet that records the blows affecting each fighter. The outcome was a Mayweather win. Whether or not he animated the fight or did so in the way a random Facebook user would like to have seen is another story.  Please provide your tally sheets and we can compare yours vs. the official judges.

If you want to see a “clash of titans” with balls of fire and loads of energy, wait for the release of the New Dragon Ball animation series.
This fight was about two men with two different strategies: Pacquiao – squeeze and fit, Mayweather – will not be rushed and countered. Pacquiao failed, Mayweather succeeded.

No one wanted a clean fight. But anyone wanting a fight where one fighter destroys the others jaw, then manages to get out of this and is on the edge of a knockout, but manages to come back victorious… has been watching too many Rocky series movies.


I choose no sides, I’m a fan of no fighters (they don’t bring me food for my family), but I agree that Mayweather mastered his game and therefore the rules of SPORT boxing beautifully. He will end his career without Parkinson’s, migraine, head injuries or defeats. He will come out with money and a career undefeated. Because he understood the rules of boxing (TOUCH WITHOUT TOUCHING THE FUNDAMENTAL PILLAR OF BOXING) and even more, the rules of life.

Conclusion : Live your own life, Stay humble, Don’t give lessons of life to other people when you’re not able to do it for yourself.

Now to the champions of Facebook, show us a scenario you have that is similar to Mayweather or Pacquiao, creating the same career they have managed to create.  Or alternatively create your story, stop living in a world of faux idolization. Live your life, take care of your family and create your own story. (Me 1st!).

Here is another source with a good explanation : MMAMania


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