My mission

I will work hard to make you healthier, stronger and happier.

As an experienced personal trainer I will pay close attention to your exercise form, workout routine, and nutrition plan. 
My job is to motivate you and give you professional advice to achieve outstanding results. Together we will improve your health and increase your confidence.  Our personal training sessions will result in greater strength and tighter body shapes. Together we will set up goals and I will give you expert direction and encouragement.

The training-sessions will incorporate all the components of total fitness including strength development, muscular endurance, cardiovascular conditioning and flexibility.

Check out one of my testimonial video: a session of personal training in Bali:

My experience

I am a professional trainer with more than a decade of international experience.


I started my trainer journey as a team leader in the French navy.

I provided the staff with self-defence training and intervention techniques. We travelled overseas (Africa, UAE and more).

On board I was in charge of security and staff training.

After 4 years of professional teaching I became a policeman in France.


I trained with a special French police unit and studied mind conditioning.

I passed my personal trainer, fitness and contact sport exams.

I also started to enter fighting competitions.


Then I became a successful amateur fighter in national and international competitions.

I represented France for the European and World FILA Championship.

I have trained with olympic athletes, professional fighters and professional coaches.


Recently, I worked as a bodyguard and personal trainer in Dubai.

One of my clients was an ex top-model.

We focused on balance, nutrition, lower back, shoulder alignment and stability.


Today, I live in Bali and work as a personal trainer.

I have worked as for various gyms, and now I specialize in personal training.

I can come to your villa or hotel or we can meet outdoors for individual sessions.

I design every sessions to meet your particular goals.


  • Contact sport instructor.
  • First aid.
  • Fitness instructor.
  • Mobility and functional movement instructor.
  • Basic Nutrition degree.
  • Youth group leader certificate (activities with kids).
  • MMA instructor.
  • Self-defence and Tonfa instructor. 


  • Natural methodology.
  • Nutrition.
  • Professional conditioning.
  • Fat-loss.
  • Outdoor and indoor activities for kids.
  • Prevention of domestic accidents for seniors.
  • Movies preparation and muscle definition with contact sport skills training (flexibility, speed and accuracy).
  • Mixed Martial Art expert (Muay Thaï, Boxing, Wrestling, Judo, Grappling, Brazilian Jujitsu).
  • Fitness Strength and cardio conditioning.