Top Physiotherapists in Bali

22 Dec, 2016

You’re in Bali and suddenly you suffer an injury, back pain, blocked neck, ankle sprain, etc…
If it’s an emergency, you of course go to the hospital [I will do a blog later about healthcare service, insurance]
But if it’s not an emergency and is actually just uncomfortable, I suggest you book an appointment with one of these physiotherapists. But I warn you, their schedules are often pretty booked up as they are in high demand. If you get an appointment, consider yourself lucky – and healed!


PHYSIOTHERAPY is physical therapy that helps people who have been affected by some kind of injury, illness or disability, through movement and exercise. The way which physiotherapy has developed though, with the advances in technology and brainpower in medicine, physiotherapists can now also work with patients to help with neurological, respiratory, circulatory and heart problems.
Massage Graphic   Injuries, illnesses and disabilities can feel and in fact be truly decapitating, however with the work of physiotherapists, patients have had their lives transformed and seen major improvements. Physiotherapy is practiced in many different ways ranging from swimming lessons to deep muscle massages, from acupuncture, to hydrotherapy and thermotherapy. Whatever your injury, illness or disability, physiotherapy will be able to help you regain the strength and movement of the muscles and joints that were once there.




**I am not sponsored or receive any compensation in monetary form or in services from these establishments. This is based off my own experience and are my own recommendations. I cannot be held accountable for anything that could happen during your appointment.**


Starting Price: 800k

About the clinic: Bali Healing offers natural solutions to global problems providing physical therapy treatment in the form of homeopathy, nutrition, energy work, anti-aging treatments, detox diets, anti-allergy and blood hormone rebalancing among many others.

Physiotherapists: Expat physiotherapists legally working in Indonesia, who have graduated from International Schools.

Location: Jalan Pantai Batu Bolong No. 117X in CANGGU

 Whatsapp/Telephone #: 0813 38 12 85 63




Starting Price: 300K-800K

About the clinic: BodyWise Therapy center specializes in physical rehabilitation focusing predominantly on physiotherapy and acupuncture as forms of treatments, however care for sports injuries, sports kinesiology and post operation rehabilitation is also available.

Physiotherapists: Expat and Local Physiotherapists whose treatment works directly on the painful/injured area. They treat customers with deep massages, physical exercise and acupuncture in order to achieve a full recovery. They use some rocktape teatment at the end if needed.

Location: Jl Sunset Road 333 Seminyak (Entrance Bali Fitness Seminyak)


Whatsapp/Telephone #: 0817 06 66 320
  Bodywise Bali FB
  Bodywise Bali website




Starting Price: 200K-400K

About the clinic: Lhaksmi Therapy center is a very particular place. It’s located in Kuta, close to nightclubs and Spa salons. They offer Trigger point, Pressure point, Accupuncture, Chiropractic, Deep Tissue, Cupping, Reiki.

Physiotherapists: Local Physiotherapists whose treatment works directly on the painful/injured area. Generally the appointment follows this format: Deep massage tissue, accupuncture, accupuncture + Electrostimulation, peppers patch and sometimes they offer you a massage bowl (with some fish inside).
If you are treated by the female physiotherapist, her services include bringing out your imflammations by yelling as a chicken, cow and pig. She will also spit (not on you, don’t worry!) to rid herself of the sickness she has just removed from your body. This is no joke! I have tried it and I recommend you do it too – even if just for the experience!

Location:  Lebak Bena Street Behind BENE LANE CAFE

phone call or sms : 0851 00 44 90 96 – 0812 46 64 276
   Lhaksmi Therapy FB

Bali is full of surprises, you can discover new places, new therapists and new treatments. Stay tuned for my upcoming article about transfusion therapy coming very soon! 

These treatments are only quick-fixer: they will help you for a short time, but if you don’t take the necessary measures to fix the cause of this problem, by example a regular postural work, foam or ball rolling, mobility work, there is a high chance your pain will become chronic. Don’t let it get to that point! Book your fitness and aesthetic assessment and we will check to see if there are any imbalances in your body.

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