Wannatrain the new fitness app made in Bali !

11 Jul, 2018

If you are looking for a gym to train, a Personal Trainer, or a buddy for training together : WANNATRAIN !

WANNATRAIN the Gojek app for the Fitness !

It was my longtime plan to design a fitness app which will answer to the need of any fitness enthousisatic. I did the mapping of the app, I contacted some app developer, but without success, then I standedby the project, for discovering months later the Wannatrain App. Greg Smith Done it, and how cool and efficiently he did it !

**The new revolutionnary Fitness App which will allow you to stay in shape and doing fun connection with other fitness fan !**

Their Modo :

Find likeminded workout partners, instructors & wellness facilities to get in your best state of mind or shape!

What are the differents options this app has to offer you ?

  • Wanna run / Wanna lift / Wanna surf / Wanna Yoga / Wanna Roll / Wanna Box

– find Person or Trainers who can run / lift / surf / yoga / roll / box with you close by.

Engage the chat
Fix a spot and a time for doing your activity
Let’s go!

– You don’t want a coach and you just want run / lift / yoga / roll / box in a gym close by ? You get the accurate listing of the gym places which will offer you equipments and area for your dedicated activity !




– Use the Wellness Feed to ask any question for a running track, a surf spot, or publish your workout / tips with the community


My Opinion ?

  • You have access to all the gyms facilities
  • You have access to all the coach of the island
  • You have access to an entire community of people dedicated to fitness and other sport activities ready to help or to advice you.

Wannatrain offer also free workout, free drinks at Healthy place if you download the app. Checkout their Hot offers !

Connect With Instructors on Wanna Train!

Good morning Wanna Trainers! There are a myriad of benefits to working out with a personal trainer including;
/ Faster and better results
/ Tailored workouts
/ Goal achievement
/ Increases motivation and accountability
/ Reduces chance of injury
/ Put variety into your workouts
Download the Wanna Train app today to connect with the best personal trainers and instructors that Bali has to offer!
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